Cosmetic Surgery Guide for Non-Caucasians

The demand for cosmetic surgery within non-Caucasian ethnic groups has risen dramatically in the last two decades. The desire to maintain a youthful appearance and preserve beauty through surgery crosses ethnic boundaries. Unfortunately, many of the standard cosmetic surgery procedures were developed for Caucasians and do not necessarily address the aesthetic concerns of darker skinned individuals. Furthermore, there are structural differences between Caucasians and non-Caucasians with regard to skin, facial anatomy and body type.

Thoughts on Preventive Cardiology

We are all familiar with the adverse cardiovascular consequences that ensue when the risk factors in column A go unchecked. We need to understand that the same degree of such consequences are likely to occur when the risk factors noted in column B go unchecked as well.

Biologic Therapy in Crohn’s Disease

Andrew DuPont, MD and Atilla Ertan, MD Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that is suspected to result from a dysregulated immune system in genetically predisposed individuals, which can lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea, and malnutrition. Intestinal inflammation and subsequent symptoms tend to recur over time and can lead to other complications, such as fistulas, abscesses, and strictures.

Anti-Aging: Inside & Outside

The quest for maintaining or restoring health and beauty impacts each of us in different ways. If you are sitting in a doctor’s office as you read this article, then you are likely involved in some aspect of this quest. Much of American (and western) medicine is focused on treating disease and hopefully restoring health, sadly with much less emphasis on maintaining wellness and health. Ideally, each of us would have as one of our […]

Exercise to Stay Young at Heart

Is it true that exercise does more for your body than beef up your muscles and help you shed excess fat? When it comes to your health, the answer is an emphatic “Yes!” In fact, skipping out on the recommended 30-60 minutes of vigorous physical activity per day can do more harm than you think.

Rise Up Against Sitting Disease

Sedentary disease is becoming the malady of the century. Millions and millions of lives are affected by the sitting disease that spreads almost like a virus. It has become a lifestyle and combating it is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Today, the modern society is exposed to some of the most serious health issues of our times, triggered by the escalating rate of sitting disease. Heart disorders, diabetes, obesity, and depression can all […]

Function or Aesthetics? Both.

Traditionally the focus of dentistry has been on biological care such as cavities, gum disease and overall oral health. Treatment planning was solely based on these factors and aesthetics was the very last factor, often being not a factor at all. With the new generation of dentistry there is a new shift towards balancing health, function and beauty. A beautiful smile today is more important than in the past few decades as people pay more […]

Clogged Arteries

There are three major arteries, which supply blood to the heart. These arteries are very important to maintaining the proper function of the heart. Similar to pipes that carry water in a home, blood does not flow properly when there are blockages in these arteries. These blockages can lead to many problems including chest pain, heart attack, congestive heart failure, and even death. This is called coronary artery disease. Cardiovascular disease is the number one […]

Healthy Heart

Do you know that the leading cause of death worldwide is cardiovascular disorder? But in reality, such mishap can be prevented if you are only mindful of your health. You need to know that the physical condition of your arteries determines the potential for future adverse cardiovascular events. As Sir William Osler said “You’re only as old as your arteries.” Hence, the health of your cardiovascular system will greatly rely on how you took good […]

Women’s Health

Most of the women avoid alcoholic drinks and sushi when they are pregnant – all for the best of the baby. But what they often forget is the safety of the routine beauty products they regularly use. According to Andrew Healy, MD, an obstetrician at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, any substance absorbed by the skin can reach the blood stream and then cross the placenta. Hence whatever the beauty products are, some amount of […]

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